The worldwide activism has allowed Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan to accept the offer of help from the US and UN in recovering the kidnapped girls. We have to maintain our support for their return, and if you are a person who believes in prayer or good thoughts making a difference, please visit this blog: http://achurchforstarvingartists.wordpress.com/2014/05/06/please-pick-one/

I chose Helen Musa and all the Unknown Names on which to focus. I am also praying for the enlightenment of their kidnappers and the Nigerian government as a whole.

Activism in the world is important to my being able and willing to write from my heart. Writing plays and mystery novels may not seem important in the scheme of things, but it is what I have to offer. And because I am called to write, it is important that I do so. In order to write my best, it is necessary that I stay engaged and active in the world in which I live. 


What do you think?

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