Blog Tour Promo: February ’14

Blog Tour PromoI have a story in this series. (My date is Feb 17.)

I have two blog tours coming up. February 12th is the first Wednesday of EIGHT weeks of reviews by bloggers in the Goddess Fish tours. All reviews are guaranteed objective, so I’m taking a risk even telling you about it. But I believe in Mary Watson’s ability to tell a good tale about Shirley Combs and their exploits.

This other blog tour about the dark side of love is one I invite you to check out every single day of February. My true story will appear on Feb 17th, but I’m looking forward to reading all the others. Please join me there. The promo blog pix (and one of me and Stanton to remind you who is asking) are in the left side bar picture gallery.

If you have questions, comments, stories of your own to share, please let us hear from you. I know my lurkers all want to see what you have to say, as do I!