Sing those words to the tune of “Celebration Time” as you contact all your writer friends and call them to action. According to blogger and great supporter of writers, Jane Friedman, here’s how a call to action might sound: “I want all authors to stand up for each other, ask for better pay, fairer terms, […]

Blog Tour Promo: February ’14

I have a story in this series. (My date is Feb 17.) I have two blog tours coming up. February 12th is the first Wednesday of EIGHT weeks of reviews by bloggers in the Goddess Fish tours. All reviews are guaranteed objective, so I’m taking a risk even telling you about it. But I believe […]


All my books are now available everywhere books are sold (or can be ordered). Here’s a link to my amazon page so you can see the paperbacks, ebooks, and audiobook available, but remember, you can get them through your own bookstore if you prefer: It’s been a learning experience and a true process starting […]