Almost out. I’ve received notice that the audiobook of THE HOUNDING will be on the shelves in 14-20 business days. This is quite a process. If you haven’t had an audiobook produced before, you might want to know what’s involved.

First, I went to which is where’s audiobooks come from. I chose the option to keep all rights for myself and pay my narrator. I auditioned more than 30 voices before choosing Jess Reed, who happens to be a local actor from Portland where I live. I hadn’t met her or known about her before, but she’s articulate, and creates different voices for each character, which is great because I write a lot of dialogue in my novels.

Second, I gave her a short deadline for the first fifteen minutes. She got the job done, and I approved those minutes. Then I gave her two months to finish the complete book. She also met that deadline.

Third, I reviewed the entire audiobook with script in hand, noting every place that was different from the written word. This seems persnickety, but is necessary in order to use WhisperSync, which is the fabulous app that allows you to buy both the Kindle version and the audiobook, then read on either one without ever losing your place. I think this is a marvelous invention.

I turned in the changes, and Jess made everyone of them in a pretty short time, especially considering the holidays came during that period.

Today I approved the final version of the audiobook, sent payment to Jess, she confirmed receipt of said payment, and ACX informed me the book will be available after a quality assurance check. 

While we’re waiting, take a look at this cover made for Audible by my book cover designer Bev Standish. She swears she can now make a cover for me in a 3D sphere if need be after meeting all the various publishers’ requirements.



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