So, the books are now in print. New book, plus revised book with new cover. They now have to be marketed. This is where it would be handy to prepare before the books are in print. I was so busy with all the revisions, trials and errors, outsourcing jobs and riding herd on everything, I didn’t start the marketing machine. Now I feel like I somehow deserve a break from all that. But if I don’t market, the books won’t sell.

How do you do it? Not you, Melissa Foster, or Rachel Thompson, both of you are my gurus and are marketing queens. Plus you write best-sellers. But the rest of you, those who are writing, publishing, selling, marketing and feeling a bit overwhelmed? How do you push through?

I’ve written to Goddess Fish who set up a blog tour for me last year. This year I’m going to do a review tour instead. But even when someone else is setting it up, there is a list of things to pull together for them. That’s what I’m doing this afternoon before I go to an important meeting regarding my other love: playwriting.

Soon I’ll be promoting my books with zeal, so watch out. Meanwhile, if you want to see them online in both paperback and ebooks, you can go to amazon, b&n, etc. Or order them from your favorite indie bookstore (I heartily recommend this). 

The names of the books: THE HOUNDING and THE ILLUSTRIOUS CLIENT. Both from the Shirley Combs/Dr. Mary Watson Mystery series.