Special thanks to Cindy Carroll for causing the most views in a single day! And super duper appreciation to all of you who commented throughout the year. Michelle Shy, Andrea Carlisle, Cindy McGean, and Joan Allison you’re tops! I had a good writing year. I wrote three new plays, finished the second mystery novel in […]


Stanton’s Clog (cat’s log). I beg you, please go ask him a question. He’s bugging me, and won’t stay off the keyboard. He really is the best muse I’ve ever had. If you don’t believe me, look at something I wrote pre-Stanton and compare it to my writing today. Way more typing errors today! Just […]


I saw an article in which Ian Rankin named his favorite five great crime novels. That made me want to write my own list. I’ve been reading mystery novels since I was a kid. I first read the Complete Sherlock Holmes by A. Conan Doyle when I was about eight years old. I read it […]