Moments ago I approved the preview of THE ILLUSTRIOUS CLIENT, and ordered copies of both it and the first book in the series, THE HOUNDING. The process seemed endless, with computer glitches, frustration at the long waits between rejection and revision of the manuscripts, and no apparent end in sight. And yet, there is now success! Unless when I get the books in my hand I find something horrible. I know that can happen. But the online preview looks absolutely gorgeous. Having them typeset by a professional made a huge difference. And of course having them professionally edited and beta read was also crucial. As soon as we make a bit of money, I will approach an author or two who I would like to publish.

I’m also going to send out my first newsletter in the next few days. I’m using MailChimp, in case you’re wondering. The biggest obstacle I’d had with MC was not knowing how to import my address book from my Mac. But there is a help for that, and an app. The app is called Chimport, and MC has an article on how to import your addresses. One thing I like about MC is they do not allow you to import addresses of people unless they have agreed to receive your mail. I already had a list of people who support my work and have asked me to let them know my news. I also included an easy way to opt out, should the receiver decide they no longer want to hear from me about my books, readings, etc. I’ll try not to write too often. 

Now I can get back to work on my next book. I’ve been editing a bit every day or two. But publishing absolutely took up most of my working hours for the past couple of months.

Are you an indie publisher? What are your tales of horror or success?