I don’t even know how many hours total I spent trying to get my manuscript ready for printing. What I do know is I spent seven hours yesterday giving it one more try. I even tried on CreateSpace but kept having trouble with my doc. And I thought it was easy when I published there before (more than one book). 

Fortunately for me, the person who had so generously given freely of her time helping me find a way to do this myself, is someone who truly knows what she is doing, and when I asked her if I could hire her to lay out my books, she said yes. She has already started. 

IngramSpark is the arm of Lightning Source that will accept publishers who publish 1-5 books per year. Their requirements for upload are specific and require professional software. (And a knowledge of how to use said software.) Everything is automated, which they tell you up front, and therefore you can get little or no help from Ingram. 

So, McCorkle Ink is a publisher who outsources all her work (so far). What’s wrong with that? Nothing. It leaves me free to write, which is what I am called to do.

If you are an indie publisher and would like a recommendation for an editor, a book cover designer, or a book layout designer, let me know. 



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