I need a sign to hang on my blog: Gone Writing. I’ve been absent from here for two weeks! Time flies when, well you know. I’ve been revising my mystery novel The Hounding, preparing it for audiobook and for re-release. I want it to be the best it can be and these days, it is easy to revise the e-book version. 

Also, I’ve started my own publishing company, McCorkle Ink. I’ll be publishing the second in my mysteries, re-issuing the first in the series, and several other projects are in the queue, including publishing others. 

I’ve finished The Illustrious Client, and had it edited by a professional who actually studied editing. She’s the bomb: Nann Dunne. Her book is handy too: Dunne With Editing: A Last Look at Your Manuscript. She writes fiction too. I recommend her.

Now The Illustrious Client is out to beta readers (people who volunteer to read a book before it goes to print, then give feedback to the author). The audiobook is in production. I’m doing book promotion, and all is well.

Meanwhile, I’m taking a class in advanced playwriting, and have challenged myself to write something I haven’t before. So, I’m writing a play for kids to perform. Kids under middle-school age, so K-5 grades. I have to have a complete ms by 10/28. 

I was also doing a poem a day since the first of August, but I fell off the poetry train several days ago, and I don’t think I’m going to get back up. I’ll do that again in a few months.

That’s my writing life for now. What are you up to? I love comments!


4 thoughts on “GONE WRITING

  1. You got you hands full here with the younger groups, Make sure you make it so they understand what your trying to teach them in the scrip and take your time they are kids but young minds that wonder. Have fun and make it fun for you and them and have plenty of backup copies they like to lose them somehow, Good Luck always Will.

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