When I was a tween and living with Mom and Stepfather #2, I used to hear her yelling at him about his dirty underwear. About how he couldn’t even wipe properly. She found a lot of fault with him, but having to do his laundry and scrub out the “skidmarks” might have been the last straw. He was soon replaced by our milkman. No, really.

I’m not privy to other people’s laundry problems these days, but I know that as we age, we sometimes leak from our orifices. And that there are medical conditions that make it hard to get as clean as we’d like when we use the restroom. For babies, we’ve had disposable diapers with their amazing absorbency for years. Then along came baby wipes, yet another boon. For grownups, we’ve been limited by the lack of bidets in this country, as well as lack of good products. Those who face these problems themselves, and the person who does the laundry know about these unmentionable problems.

Finally, Cottonelle is saying #letstalktbums! And, they’ve introduced a new product for the bathroom: Cottonelle Wipes. Even if you do have a bidet at home, you’re not going to find them in public restrooms. But you can now get yourself thoroughly clean every single time by using Cottonelle Wipes. Carry them in your bag, your glove compartment, or your bike basket. We use both Cottonelle toilet paper and the wipes here at my house.

Disclosure: I am bringing this post to you through my partnership with Cottonelle, their new Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths, and sharing the news about their #LetsTalkBums campaign.