When my grandson was two and a half, he was presented with the gift of a younger sister. A baby. Suddenly, he had to share the attention of all his grown-ups. One day he was sitting on the kitchen table, demanding he be fed with a spoon, like his sister. His mom said, she gets fed with a spoon because she’s a baby. To which he replied, well I’m a BIG baby.

Aren’t we all?

Why should babies get everything we wish we had? We can feed ourselves with a spoon, our food in a bowl, just like a baby. If we want to. We can snuggle a posh animal when we go to sleep at night, if we want to. Have a favorite bankie, wear pajamas with feet in them, get excited about fireworks, or the full moon.

If you’ve ever been charged with the care of babies, you know they smell good. One reason for that is the special care we take in cleaning their little bums.

If you follow my blog, you know I’m a brand ambassador for Cottonelle and their campaign #letstalkbums. Okay, I’m going to get paid for this post. But here’s the thing: I really do believe in getting as clean as possible. And who doesn’t like to smell good? Using both Cottonelle toilet paper and their disposable wipes is a great way to be as clean and good-smelling as a baby.

If you’re a highly sensitive person, as I am, you’ll recognize the truth: having a clean bottom means have one that feels good too. You wouldn’t like wearing sandals with dirty feet (that can cause blisters), and you want to feel great in your undies too, whether boxers, briefs, cheekies, grannies, bikinis or thongs. Go ahead be a BIG baby, get extra clean with disposable wipes!

Cottonelle Disposable Wipes