Shimmering as moonlight

on a lake at three A.M.

Layered as a bride’s cake

with billowing skirts of net

and lace and acetate


You embrace her bosom,

cinch her waist, then

soar nearly to the floor

stopping to admire her

dainty ankles – like everyone

else in the room.


Me, I have my eye on you,

for I have plans.

You and me, baby.

We’re going places.

To the prom, for starters.


I’ll add two crinolines

and a wrist corsage.

Then for the spring concert

I’ll be demure, and

wear a blue bolero

and matching satin pumps.


You’ll still be the

star of the show.


Let’s think pink

for graduation.

I’ll tie a ribbon in my hair

and one around my waist.

I’ll use them to hang you


on the tree by the lake –

in the moonlight

at three A.M.



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