I’m having trouble writing on the work-in-progress today, due to a migraine, so it seems like the perfect time to put up another broadsheet. I love displaying my poetry and photos this way. If you’re doing this on your site, please feel free to put a link to your work in your comments.

This poem was published by Binge Press in the mini-chapbook “Invert Sugar.” The title is my cute way of saying Queer Love, as homosexual people were once called inverts. And anyone from the South (even upper South like Missouri) knows that sugar means love or affection. Right? So, here is “How to Influence Dreams.”

Say you love me, court me

sweep me off my feet

dance with me, make me laugh

dress up, be cool, do something

I can’t do for myself.

Make me moan with longing

sing to me, whistle for me

bake me a cake.

Buy me presents and tell me

I look pretty. Be unable to

gaze at any other woman

when you’re with me.

Smell good, have sweet lips

and a hot crotch. Bump and

grind with me, then kiss

me sweetly and say you’ll

see me later.

 Call me, text me, send me

an email when I least

expect it. Bring me

balloons. Wake me up at


Photo by Anya Blasser



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