A long interview with Lee Lynch in audio.

A long interview with Lee Lynch in audio.

An hour long audio session, complemented by a slide show of Lee’s pix, book covers, articles, and more. Liz McMullen interviews lesbian writers and others. I met Liz in Dallas, where I also reunited with Lee after almost 30 years. Lee used to write a column for Just Out called The Amazon Trail. She writes books now. Check this out. A great resource for readers and writers.


4 thoughts on “A long interview with Lee Lynch in audio.

  1. Thanks for this, Sandra. I’ve listened to part of the interview with Lee and will listen to the rest as time permits. It’s good of you to bring it to our attention.

    • It was so good to hear you in this interview, and great to see you at the con. Let me know anytime you are promoting your work so I can share it.

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