This poem was  published by Binge Press in the mini-chapbook “Invert Sugar” by Sandra de Helen


Don’t say a word, just

close your eyes, part

your lips, and let me

hold your head in my

hand as my lips touch

yours and my tongue

brushes your teeth

seeking to silence

you for another

moment, give me

another brief

interlude for the

story that lives

in my body when

you are near me

that begins as

a heat rising

from my center

a breath quickening

my pulse racing

my ears straining

to hear our hearts

beating in unison

my thighs reaching

for yours even when

I’m still seated

still driving to

our destination the

hair on the back of

your neck calls the

palm of my hand

like a magnet to a

pin. I’m helpless.

Let our warmth guide

us. No need for




Photo by Anya Blasser


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