Camp NaNoWriMo. Well drat. I did complete more than 10,000 words in April after all, a bit more than 11,000 actually. But guess what? I forgot to report them to the website. I last checked in at 5398 words. I remembered to go back today, but it’s too late. Oh well. 

I wrote a poem every day in April, and now I’m writing a poem every day in May. This time to a photo prompt instead of to a word/phrase prompt. We’ll see how that goes. The first one worked. 

This morning I finally (Finally!) wrote the draft I’ve been after for my short play. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks. I’ve written several short drafts. Pages of notes. Many poems meant to inspire or to be cannibalized for dialogue. But at last I got where I wanted for the first draft that I can now format and send to the people who commissioned it. I will do that tomorrow, as I have appointments to keep today. I couldn’t be happier that the words have come at last. I had to eliminate a character and change the title, change the original concept, and do more research. All this for a play that may not last ten minutes when produced. But it has the elements I wanted: No exposition, characters a bit off balance, a surprise (or two), and because it’s me — at least one queer character. This is a commitment I have made to all my plays or novels for the rest of my life. I have also made a racially mixed cast because I always do. Directors will do what they do, but they’re more likely to use people of different races if the playwrights ask for them in the first place.

What are you writing? I have a desire to write essays. I’ve been pondering this for months. I’ve made a list of topics, but that is as far as I’ve come. It seems to me that more people are writing essays now, more bloggers are turning to essay writing. Do you enjoy reading essays? Writing them? If I write them here, they will all be on writing. This requires deep thinking. With my forgetfulness problem, deep thinking is good for my brain, but my brain resists the process. Another reason to do it. I look forward to hearing your own deep [or shallow or mid-level] thoughts.