January is half over, and here I am with my first post. The end of the year was a good time for reflection. It was also apparently a good time to come down with a new malady, one that lasted for 8 days and caused me to have a deep appreciation for my current way of life. The past year in particular has allowed me to sink into a routine that suits me, allows me to write productively, to be my most creative. Being creative is my life’s blood. When I am writing, I am happy. Not just content, but happy to be alive. When I am able to write, I am able to handle whatever life throws my way. Migraines, poverty, living situations that are less than desirable. But take away my ability to write, and within a matter of days, I find myself spiraling downward rather quickly. That’s what happened to me the beginning of this month. I woke up lightheaded. The feeling wouldn’t go away. It stuck with me 24/7 for 8 days. After two doctor visits, various testing, and some fiddling with my meds, it finally left. But not before showing me just how much I depend on my ability to create story.

I have said before that I feel called to write, that it doesn’t feel like a choice. Indeed I have tried to quit, without success. I no longer want to quit. Now I feel as though I finally have the freedom, the time to do the writing I was called to do. I’m never at a loss for ideas. I have a roof over my head, enough to eat, a computer, wi-fi. What more do I need? A clear head. That is what I must have. Without that, I can’t organize my thoughts long enough to concentrate for a sentence, not even to read, much less write them. 

Today I am so grateful for a clear head. And the time to write and tools with which to do my job.

Why do you write? And how do you find the time? Do you make time every day? How’s your head?