Till Darkness Comes, first rough draft comes in at 50,333 words. Much work to be done yet, but I’m taking tomorrow off. The whole weekend in fact! Maybe … Writing daily has become a habit. Getting that word count up has become such a habit that on the two days this month when the word count was less than 900, I felt sincerely disappointed. Yesterday I wrote 4,533 words. It wasn’t enough to put me over the top though. I had to get up one more day, write one more scene to make it. The scene was sorely needed, even though I’d never thought about it before this morning.

I learned that I not only can write every day, I can push my word count. I don’t add descriptions or more words, I ask myself what else could happen here? What other action might take place? So right when I might have ended a scene in my prior life, something would have to happen, and the scene was more interesting, took a new turn, often to a darker side, or scarier for my main character. She was made to work harder, just as I was. Nobody got off easy this month!

Because I was busy writing the novel, I was not here, keeping up the blog. I managed to keep up my FaceBook duties, my Tweeting, but I’ve been scarce around here. I hope you understand and will come back and see me now that I’m back. Of course, I realize that many of you were also busy writing your own NaNo novels. I hope you cranked out a lot of words as well.

Next up for me is to get back to the Illustrious Client (want to wrap up first draft by 12/31) and get it out to beta readers. Then write a new play for a February deadline before I come back to Till Darkness Comes for cleaning up the rough draft and sending it to beta readers. It needs another 10,000 or maybe even 15,000 words, probably. I’ll let it simmer for six to eight weeks.

What are your plans for the rest of this year? Besides the holidays, of course. We have to squeeze them in. But writing! what are your writing plans for the next 32 days?



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