DAY 16 NaNoWriMo: 27,000 words

I hope you took advantage of the Holiday Promo Sampler. If not, please go to my last blog post, and help yourself. There are 12 book samples in all, with interviews, bios and beautiful book covers all in one pdf file you can download and view at your leisure. It’s free, you don’t have to buy anything. Just a goody for our much beloved readers!

So, here I am still nose to the grindstone every day, cranking out scenes for the dark thriller. Working title: Till Darkness Comes. It’s dark in there, and at the end of some days, I need human company. I don’t always get it, but I need it. Instead, I go to bed, go to sleep and am visited by the characters from my book. All night long they inhabit my dreams. I wonder if Chelsea Cain has this problem. I should FB message her and ask, but I don’t know her personally, so won’t. Do any of you write in this genre? Do your characters bug your dreams? Worry you in your time off?

Even when I write one of the “lighter” scenes, it gets ugly around the edges. At this point, I’m looking forward to the editing process when I will be further removed. In the beginning I was gleeful, excited that what I was doing was working, that I was actually capable of writing in this genre. Now I feel like I’m actually mucking about in gore sometimes.

So. I’m going out to the theatre tonight. Watch real live people perform live theatre where they pretend to be people they aren’t. I’m excited to be going to defunkt theatre (small case on purpose) where they do so much with so little money. A small, but comfortable space with not a bad seat in the house. Their designers are always creative: lights, sound, set and costumes can blow you away. Acting, directing are usually good as well, and certainly performed with heart. This cast is a good one, so I have high expectations. And it’s The Homecoming by Harold Pinter! A play I know I like.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you enjoy dark thrillers? Do you read them or write them or both? If they affect your mood, how do you deal with that?


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