I now have 13,985 words. That is 8 scenes, and about 56 pages. I’ve been reporting the number of words to the WIP500 website, on Twitter, and on my personal FaceBook page as well as the official NaNoWriMo site. On the official site, I have a novel excerpt consisting of one small scene. (No one has commented on it. Yet.) On FaceBook the past few days I started putting a sentence or two from each day’s work along with the word count. I’m writing a dark thriller, and the work is sometimes ghastly, or bloody, or downright grim. Today’s was a bit shocking. When I read it through later, I was thinking about my sister who often has trouble remembering that I write fiction. I read that sentence, and thought OMG, I hope she doesn’t think this is about someone in our family! (It isn’t, I swear.) 

So I put up a disclaimer. I’ve never added a disclaimer to my work, and I have to start. You’ve seen them: This work is completely fictional. Any characters resembling any person living or dead is coincidental. Or words to that effect. I’m going so far off the charts of anyone I’ve ever known, living or dead, that I would hope no one would think I was writing about someone we knew, but you never know. It’s time to put it out there. I write fiction. 

How about you? Are any of your murder mysteries autobiographical? Do you kill off your enemies by making them characters in books? ‘Fess up now, tell us everything, no one will ever know ….


4 thoughts on “DAY EIGHT of NaNoWriMo

    • LOL. Sex or murder? Which is more likely to be real? hm. That’s why we need disclaimers! Don’t want people thinking about things like that.

  1. oh, every.single.victim. of the maniac in my slasher screenplay “Crunch” is based on a real character. When I write, I even call them by their almost-real names; e.g. Keith Shortz became Keith Horse. Becuase he is a horse’s ass! ANd he is DEAD!

    • Go on, you! So far all the victims I have imagined are imaginary, but you never know. Someone might piss me off before the book is published. LOL. I’ll change their names though.

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