Before I direct you to my last spot on the blog tour where there’s both an interview AND a great review of The Hounding (wait, come back!), I’d like to thank all my hosts for their hospitality this week, all the hoppers/readers/authors who stopped by, and GoddessFish for arranging the tour! Thank you so much. I had no idea how much fun it would be, or how deeply involved I would become. Here’s what I thought would happen: I’d write some posts or answer some interview questions ahead of time, stop by on the day of the tours and read the comments, randomly choose winners, send out prizes. Doesn’t that sound dry? ha. Instead, I learned how caring, how thoughtful the hosts are, how lively the commenters can be, how invested I became in what those comments say, and how deeply they made me think. Even about the color of the room in which I write.

When I first moved into this granny flat in which my living space is handpainted orange to look like a sunset, I had the place remodeled so I could live and write here (it’s my daughter’s house). But because my daughter painted this room, I didn’t let the contractor change it. Orange wasn’t my first choice of colors, but I have grown into it. I have found that the creative source is more accessible to me here. I started out working up in the sleeping loft, at my desk. I thought looking out into the apple tree would be inspiring. But I kept being drawn down to this room. So I started working on my laptop. I finally gave away the desktop after not using it for more than a year. My writing became more and more regular in this room, I have written new plays, hundreds of poems, and now new novels here. This room has juju. I’m going to insert a photo. 








And here’s the link to The Muse Unleashed. Do go over and comment. You might be today’s winner, and you will for sure be entered for the week’s grand prize of a $25 Amazon gift card, which I’ll hand out tomorrow.

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    • Thank you Melissa, the colors are a bit lighter in person, but every bit as bright! I didn’t realize how inspirational color is until I moved in here. 🙂

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