It has been ten days since I last posted here, and I realized this morning that ten days is too long. I need to check in here at least once a week so my readers know that I am indeed keeping my commitments. The last time I posted I vowed to write two chapters a week on my WIP. Last week I finished Chapters 8 and 9 on The Illustrious Client. I wrote 4 pages of notes of ideas about my next novel which I will write (at least 50,000 words of) in November. I also wrote several pages on the outline of The Illustrious Client. As I get closer to finishing, I find I need to become more detailed about where I’m headed. This week I will finish Chapters Ten and Eleven. I’m aiming for a total of twenty chapters.

I received my first letter from NaNoWriMo this morning inviting me to a party on the 27th of October at the Multnomah County Library in downtown Portland. Called me a WriMo. Made me smile. This is my first foray into the WriMo world. Lots of people do this every year. Well, hundreds of thousands of people. But I am a WriMo virgin. I’m excited to learn there is a party. Will I go? Don’t know. I’m an introvert. We’ll see.

I received two rejections this week that mattered. Both were for my most recent full length play, for which I have great hopes. Both would have provided amazing help in forwarding its projection to the stage. But I will keep calm and carry on. In fact, I am currently working on yet another submission. They call it submission for a reason, don’t you think? Subdue the ego. Humble oneself to the process. Remember there are a gazillion other writers out there eager to have their work receive support and acclaim too. It is a process, not a lottery. And even if it were a lottery, there would still be only a few winners.

Please let me know your thoughts on keeping commitments, the writing process, submission, or any part of writing that you want to say something about on this Writing Wednesday. 🙂



    • Thanks, Cindy! Good to see you. I know you’re keeping busy now that school is in session and the dragon boats are rolling on the river. Happy writing when you have time!

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