Next week, right here at, I will interview author Kirkus Macgowan. If you don’t already know him, you may want to check out his page on author central at so you can be ready with comments or questions for him. This particular interview is not part of a blog tour, but of something else that we’ll discuss next week. Come back for that next Friday, September the 14th.

You are probably familiar with Blog Tours already. I wasn’t, but I’m catching up. They are like book tours that authors go on, except they are in cyberspace. Authors visit bloggers and write posts, or are interviewed by many bloggers in a week or a month and answer comments from readers as well. Prizes are given to one or more commenters at the end of the time period. When I go on my week tour in October, I’ll be giving out one grand prize of a $25 gift card to, but will also give eBooks to other commenters as well. I like to go visit these different blogs and meet the authors myself when I know the tours are happening, especially if the authors are writing in my favorite genres, but sometimes even when they aren’t. 

I met author Nancy Bilyeau, who wrote The Crown, a historical thriller, because I saw a tweet announcing her book trailer. I clicked on the youtube link, and watched the trailer over and over. It made me want to read the book, even though this wasn’t one of my usual genre faves. I tweeted her that I liked the trailer. She tweeted back about that with a link to a blog. I read the blog. I followed her on Twitter. Later she announced a blog tour. I commented about that trailer. I won a copy of her book, which by then had become a best seller. I read the book, I wrote a review on amazon and goodreads. 

See how that works? Everyone benefited, and it was all just a click here, a click there, no hard sell anywhere. It’s a simple book trailer, really. Still one of my faves. Here’s the URL:

What are your favorite questions to ask of an author? Or if you are an author, what’s the best question you have been asked by an interviewer?



    • Good questions, Misty! Which are you? And have you made soundtracks? I’m a plotter myself, and I’ve not made a soundtrack yet except for the book trailer. I think I’d like a soundtrack for the dark one coming out in 2013 though … hm.

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