Sunday was Founder’s Day at Oregon Writers Colony (OWC) Colonyhouse, Rockaway Beach, Oregon. About forty writer/members gathered for the day to hear each other read, participate in mini-sessions related to writing, buy each other’s books, nosh, and socialize in the ocean air. The weather was perfect, the company was delightful, the sessions were informative and fun, the readings were exactly what they should have been: a taste of another writer’s story, leaving us wanting more.

I’ve been a member of OWC since the 80’s, not too many years after it was founded. This was the first time I’ve read or sold books at Founder’s Day. I’ve been missing out. Reading to other writers is so much fun. The support is palpable. And getting to hear other writers read was equally satisfying. I came home with new friends, and new books.

Sometimes it’s important to socialize the old fashioned way.

If you are a writer living in Oregon or nearby, I recommend joining the Oregon Writers Colony, and participating in as many of its events as you can, and certainly staying at the Colonyhouse as needed to write. You can find them at oregonwriterscolony.org  If you live outside Oregon, then find something similar for yourself close to you, or start your own writers’ group if you aren’t in one. I belong to OWC, to the Dramatists Guild, to the International Centre for Women Playwrights, and to two local playwrights’ groups, one more personal, one more for table readings of plays.

It is vital to our writing that we have people we can trust to give us feedback, whose work we can see/hear and give feedback on in exchange, and writers with whom we form a web of support. Even if we are introverts (and a lot of writers are), we need this social intercourse more than we may know. It helps our work because it helps us as humans. We are better people if we are giving people, and we have no opportunities to give if we are always shut up with our work and our characters.

End of sermon. I guess I feel more passionate about the topic than I realized when I started the post.

One thing is for certain: OWC is a terrific organization for writers, and one you should check out. If you have another one you want to tell people about here, please do. As always, your comments are welcome.



    • Thanks for taking time to say so, Cindy! Wish you were just down the block so we could holler over the fence this gorgeous day.

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