I’m posting this article today because in my book The Hounding, the victim dies of fright after being attacked by dogs I describe — in my ignorance — as pit bulls. They are dogs trained to attack, trained to stop attacking by command (in my book). I chose “pit bulls” because my character would be frightened of them, maybe more frightened of them than she would of a mixed breed. Now I’m considering changing to a pack of mutts. What are your thoughts? Should I change? Does it matter? (I appreciate your thoughts regardless of whether you have read my book, but if you want to read sample pages, that is allowed on Kindle, and you can find The Hounding by Sandra de Helen on amazon.com).

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I am sure this will open up a great battle but I need to post this.  I wanted to share all my research on the differences between American Staffordshire Terriers (AST) and American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT).
  As you all know I joined the Austin “Pit Bull” -hate that term Task Force. At our last meeting I volunteered to create an educational video/demo for the staff at TLAC in hopes we could help lower incorrect breed identification. Here is where it gets interesting.
  I decided to hit the national breed registrations groups in order to compare the breed standards of the AST and the APBT. The end result is not only frustrating but saddening to me as well.
There is only ONE breed registration group that see the two as seperate breeds, the North American Kennel Club. So it is the only registry that can be used to compare…

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  1. Well, my 2 cents is that “pit bull” is a commonly used term by the general public and therefore by your readers. If your character is not a breeder of dogs and dog expert, she is not likely to make the distinctions indicated in this article, and these distinctions don’t appear to make a difference to your story (though you would know that better than me). Shirley herself, being your Sherlock character, might know about this distinction – that’s very in-character for her, I would imagine. She might point it out to Dr. Watson.

    • They could be anything, but I think if I change them I might go for a whole pack of mixed breed dogs vs singling out any one breed. I’m pondering, open to suggestions.

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