Today was a good day too, but yesterday was exceptional! Yesterday I learned that I have readers in France, Germany, the UK, Canada and the US. Yesterday I completed Chapter 5 of the new WIP. Yesterday I wrote a poem. Yesterday I had a table read of my new play, and so many people came we ran out of chairs. 

The actors who read my play last night were terrific. They allowed me to hear the possibilities of “Just Like Tennessee” when I finish tweaking it and the team of collaborators step in to get it on its legs. Having an audience of playwrights who gave me feedback after the reading was just right. I felt certain that people there want the play to succeed, and some of them as much as I do.

I could have celebrated the day simply because I completed Chapter 5 because I’ve been playing with it for way longer than I felt I should have been. And yet the day was so much more.

Lucky me! All my life I wanted more time to write. This is my time, and I am writing. I am so grateful to be present to this time.

How was your day today? or yesterday? What does a good day look like for you?



  1. I had a good day…I think? Life is just going so darn fast lately it seems like I can’t remember what I did the previous 2 hours, much less yesterday… Ha! Glad you had such a wonderful day! Many more to come! 🙂

    • Isn’t it the truth, Misty? Time just flies sometimes. Yesterday was one of those for me. Good to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by.

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