I just got off Skype after an hour, twenty-three minutes and twenty-three seconds with the Laredo Mystery Book Club. The Club is facilitated by the Laredo Public Library, and we had several people in attendance: Sylvia, Linda, Anita, Jim, Pam and a few others whose names I’ve momentarily forgotten. Librarian Pam created some great questions to generate questions, and the club members had questions of their own as well, so there was never a lull in the conversation.

I was asked to talk not only about The Hounding and the next book in the series, but also about writing in general, my own writing habits, my writing background, where I get my inspiration, and for writing advice. 

I was given a bit of feedback and advice from one brave soul as well. I really appreciate that, and was happy to tell her so. All feedback is helpful in writing the next piece, whatever it is.

I look forward to more visit with other book clubs. If your club wants a visit from me in person (driving distance of Portland) or on Skype (anywhere), just let me know! The Hounding is going to be free this weekend, a great time for everyone to upload it to their Kindles and select it for their book club.