There is a new 5* review up on amazon.com for THE HOUNDING. For some authors, these are apparently easy to get. They just ask their friends and neighbors, acquaintances and enemies to write them, and presto chango! They have 138 5* reviews. I haven’t asked ANYONE to write a five star review. I have asked people that I know for sure who have read the book to please write a brief, honest review on amazon.com. This is the third person who has done that. The difference is, I don’t actually know this person. She bought my book via my website instead of through amazon.com, so we had an email exchange. After she read it she sent me an email raving about it, with thoughtful feedback. So, I did my usual ask. This afternoon, I checked to see if I had any new reviews. Voila!

Ever since publishing my own book, I have been religious about reviewing everyone else’s books that I read. Whether I know the author or not. No matter how many reviews they already have. Now I’m writing the reviews for the readers. Yes, we authors want reviews, but who really benefits from a well-written review? The reader, of course. As I said in an earlier post, I’ve become selective about buying books, reading reviews and checking out the reviewers.

I encourage you to write brief reviews on amazon.com of the books you buy from them. They will accept as few as 20 words. Feedback is important to authors, and guidance is important to readers. Writing the reviews will remind you what you liked or didn’t like about what you read. And as you grow older, this will be of use to you. ha. (Amazon keeps a record of your reviews. I’m finding it handy.)

Agree with any of this? Disagree? Have some good tips of your own you’d like to share here? Please offer them up.