CHAPTER 4: A Little Acid Goes a Long Way

And takes a long time to write about! I can’t believe it has taken me the entire day to write this short chapter. Okay, write and edit this short chapter. First I had to read the first three chapters again because it has been three weeks since I decided to take a break to write a new play. I didn’t start that play from scratch, I resurrected it and made it into a new play, rather the way my Mom used to make my new clothes when I was a kid before my Dad died. Back then, my favorite outfit was a drop shoulder blouse made from net curtains, paired with a skirt made from a couch slipcover in fabric known as bark cloth. I thought I was the most beautiful girl alive in that outfit. I had matching underpants (bark cloth) too. That’s because it was a full circle skirt and made for twirling — underpants were definitely going to show!

So, when I set out to rebuild my new play from scraps, I made sure the underpinnings are as beautiful as the sparkly parts on top. At least I hope so. That is my intention.

And today, I wrote Chapter 4 of the WIP (work in progress), otherwise known as The Illustrious Client. Book Two of the Shirley Combs/Dr. Mary Watson series. This chapter is about when Mary goes to OHSU hospital to visit Lucas who has been hit with acid. In his face. She finds him with the entire upper portion of his head and face bandaged, using a self-managed morphine pump to handle the pain. As a naturopath, she sets about interviewing him, but he’s just doped himself, so she doesn’t get far before it becomes a to-be-continued …

As a reader, would you really want to sit through an entire medical history taking? I don’t think so. But if the answer is yes, will you comment and let me know? I can always make the chapter longer!

Have you been to Pinterest yet to check out Lucas’s yacht? He’s a wealthy playboy from Denmark. Here’s the page on Pinterest:

As a reader, do you like it when author’s set up Pinterest pages for their characters and books? As a writer, is this something you do? Please feel free to invite me to your Pinterest pages! It’s a rabbit hole for me though … 😦


2 thoughts on “CHAPTER 4: A Little Acid Goes a Long Way

  1. I’m not on Pinterest anymore, but I think it’s neat when authors set up boards for their books. A lot of people say they read to use their imaginations, but then just don’t look at the boards. 🙂

  2. I totally get that. I’m using the boards to spur my own imagination as I write this book, and am inviting readers to join in. But I understand if they don’t want to because they prefer to use their imaginations. I’m all for that! Thanks for reminding me, and for pointing out how important that fact is. It’s like radio vs television.

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