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I’m coming up on two weeks into my body/mind transformation with trainer Greg Plitt. This morning, as I was pushing my body through moves that, to be truthful, it wholly resists, I thought about how to apply this work to my career.

I think it all boils down to one thing: just do it. Nike had it right when they created that brand. They know what we don’t want to – that your writing, your career, your life all depend upon one thing: your determination to do the work.

I’m a storyteller. What does that mean? Well, simply, that I write. Every day. Without fail. No excuses. Or I storyboard. Every day. I just do it. It’s my job.

If you aren’t writing, it is possible that you aren’t a writer. Life is filled with distractions – the internet, Netflix, gazillion channel TV services, smart phones, tablets, traffic, news, celebutantes…

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