Mystery Book Club

Hooray! The Hounding has been selected for Mystery Book Club at the Laredo Public Library for July. I will appear by Skype to discuss the book with them, and may also discuss writing with them as their writing group has also been invited to attend. I’m happy to do this, excited actually.

I love book clubs! And where would we be without libraries? I would appreciate it so much if you would ask your local library to order The Hounding for your branch. They can do so from Or directly from (which is where Laredo Public ordered it).

And if your book club chooses my book and wants to Skype with me, just let me know. You can contact me here and we’ll arrange a time that suits your time zone.


6 thoughts on “Mystery Book Club

  1. Thanks, Savannah! I’m so looking forward to Skype night. Will report back here afterwards. I hope this generates more book club events, as this could be fun.

  2. Sandra, I am so impressed by your forward progress. May I ask, did you self-publish THE HOUNDING? And are you the driving force behind the promotion as well?

  3. Hi Cindy! The answer to both questions is yes. Well, The Hounding was initially published by Fiction Works as an eBook in 1999 before anyone ever heard of them. Sales were so dismal that Fiction Works went out of business (The Hounding was a best selling eBook in 1999, however) and all rights reverted to me. I finally revised and republished The Hounding myself as both a paperback and ebook, and am now at work on the next book in the series. And I am doing the promotion. There is a lot of networking support though, as we indies help each other, via Triberr, Twitter, WordPress, FaceBook and so on.

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