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Why does it take so long to get a book review? And why is it so difficult? Because readers are overwhelmed with the number of books being published right now, that’s why. I’m even paying for a Kirkus Review (guaranteed to be objective) and the wait for that is 10 weeks. We’re halfway there. I’m impatient. It’s my belief and hope that good reviews will lead to more sales of The Hounding. I could be wrong.

Meanwhile, I’m looking a tons of books on Kindle. Many have tons of reviews by friends. I’ve become a bit more savvy that I was when I was simply a reader, not a published author. Now I look at the reviewer to see whether they have reviewed any other books. I read their other reviews. I read ONLY those reviews (and Kirkus if the author has it) before purchasing the book, even if the book is FREE. I’m discarding books from my cloud, my devices, my mind, if they are poorly written, have lots of typos or grammatical errors. This is not what I want cluttering up my world.

I know that everyone who is publishing her or his words is doing so because s/he wants to be heard. I honor that. And I don’t have to read those words. Life is short and my time is valuable. I have to apply filters to what I am going to spend my reading time on now. This is why I’ve adapted the rules I mentioned above. I don’t buy new clothing with missing buttons, or crooked collars. I don’t accept free clothing if it isn’t something I would never wear. Pass that along to someone else whose style it matches. And so it is with books. An exception is that I almost always buy books written by my friends.

To sum up, here are my personal criteria for selecting new reading material:

1) does it match or pique my interests?

2) does it have a Kirkus review?

3) does it have reviews by reviewers who have reviewed other books?

4) do the reviews make me want to read the book?

5) did my friend write it? if so, do I still have money in the bank? then buy it.


4 thoughts on “Book Reviews/ Buying Books

  1. “I don’t buy new clothing with missing buttons, or crooked collars. I don’t accept free clothing if it isn’t something I would never wear.” – Amen, sister. 🙂

    • Thanks, Misty! Wouldn’t you know as soon as I wrote that someone came over and brought me free clothing? Now I have to put up or shut up. haha. No worries. I won’t keep it if I don’t like it on me.

  2. There are so many books out there to pick up and read. I wish there was only more time to read them all. We have the freedom to pick what we want to read. We have different tastes and preferences. That is the beauty of reviews and reading what we want and like.

    • Exactly! Doesn’t keep me from wishing it were easier to find the right person (meaning someone who wants to) to review my book though.

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