Marketing is Writing Too.

I’m about halfway through Chapter Three on the new book, but it’s critical that I spend time marketing The Hounding. So I’ve taken time from writing this week in order to do just that. I’ve researched books similar to mine (cozy mysteries published on Kindle) that have reviews. There are as many books reviewed as I hoped. Then I read the reviews and research the reviewers, and from whence the review came. Then the review guidelines. Next I prepare my query in an attempt to get my own book reviewed. So far, I’ve had exactly one response as to how to get reviewed, and no guarantees of a review. I will be putting a book in the mail for that potential review, however. You betcha! I’ve paid for a Kirkus Review which takes about 10 weeks. I think we have about 7 weeks to go on that one. Meanwhile, I’ve asked friends who’ve read the book to please post a few words, but so far no one has, even though they have written me how much they enjoyed the book. 

I’ve joined Your Book Authors site, which offers book samples, so now people looking for indie authors can sample pages of The Hounding there as well as on 

Today I tried something new. I offered to buy any author’s book on Kindle who bought mine. So far I’ve had one taker. It seems so obvious to me. Why not load up our Kindles with authors we run into on Twitter? If we like the book we can post a review. Meanwhile, we’ve also sold a book. win win. So far I’ve bought books from everyone who asked me directly. I see I’m not going to have the same luck. Obviously no one is going to buy a paperback or hardback from everyone, but a Kindle for two or three bucks? The price of a cup of coffee. And on Kindle you’re gonna get 70% of that back if you’re doing an exchange. Oh well. It was worth a try.

I’ve spent 15 hours marketing this week. And so far only about 4 hours writing.

How has your writing week gone? Are you writing? Marketing? Submitting your work? Editing? Please tell.


3 thoughts on “Marketing is Writing Too.

  1. Sandra, I am starting to think hard about marketing. Its a daunting task, given the size of the blogosphere/twitterverse/facebook realm, that its hard to see how to distinguish ourselves on it. There are so many of us trying to do so. Thanks for the post. Very helpful.

    • You’re welcome, Sabrina. We have to keep doing it. I hear the market will “settle down.” I wonder. But I do think that the more we market, the more we will come to think outside the box. Onward!

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