I just completed Chapter Two of The Illustrious Client so I think it’s safe to say, the WIP (work in progress) is actually on its way now. First I came up with all the characters. Second I wrote their back stories. Next I had to decide who did the murder. I knew from the beginning who had to die, but I have several suspects, and each has a motive. I had to decide who is the one. Once I made that decision — not easy! — I was able to begin plotting. Then I started writing. I knew the opening. So I wrote that. I knew what came next, so today I wrote that. And I know what’s next … I don’t have the entire book laid out so nicely, but I do know who did it, so the rest will follow. I remember that’s how I wrote the first one. Then as I wrote, new fun things occurred to me as I went along. I have no doubt they will again. These characters are already bursting with life. 

How do you write? Do you plot? Do you outline? What’s the best part of writing for you?