April, Poetry Month

April is almost over. I have been working on the mystery novel, mostly notes on characters, notes on places, vehicles, mundane bits of information. My creative work has gone to poetry, because this month belongs to the many muses of poetry. I’ve been trotting over to nicenet.org every day for my prompt, then doing my best to write something meaningful. Once or twice the muse has been kind. I’ve written a lot of dreck. Still, I have written something every day. I’ve posted most of it at the Red Crested Poet’s Nest on Tumblr if you care to have a look. 

As for Shirley Combs and Dr. Watson, they’re impatiently lurking about waiting for me to outline The Illustrious Client and get down to cases. Which I will soon do. I’m almost there. I’m so nearly there that last night I dreamed I was literally losing my mind from trying to write on four different projects at the same time. I was calling for help as I spun from project to project, trying to keep my notes and my thoughts sorted out. No worries, I’m not that frantic in real life. The dream proves how eager I am to get on with the mystery novel. Thankfully, there are only three days of poetry left including today.

How is your WIP (work in progress) coming along? And are you keeping all your ducks in a row? Do tell!


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