I’m creating the world of The Illustrious Client in which many of the characters are wealthy. They drive luxury cars, have their own jets, and in at least one case have a huge yacht. So, I’ve been shopping for luxury vehicles. Their is some great disparity that is shocking to me. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that a Lamborghini sports car will run you more than $1 million, a tricked out one closer to $3 mil. But you can get a really great business jet for less than $3 million. John Travolta has 5. Of course with the plane you have to have a place to keep it and so on, that’s gonna cost extra, no surprise. Here’s the shocker: the yacht. For $1 million, you might think you could get a decent yacht. You’d be wrong. You can get a power boat about 16 feet long fitted up like an RV on the inside. Some are kind of crappy. The one I have pictured here is the best one I’ve seen. It’s more like a small studio apt. that you can drive on the water. To get the kind of thing I had in mind: huge, ocean-going, lots of bedrooms, baths, heliport, swimming pool, ballroom, and so on, you have to pay at least $100 million, more likely 200-300 million. The one I model my character’s yacht on is Paul Allen’s Octopus, and he paid close to $300 million for it. Is this fair? What’s the deal? There’s no land. A person could have 100 planes for this cost. Or a huge estate. Who set these outrageous prices and got other people to pony up? If you know, please tell!Image



    • I live in Portland. Hipsters just don’t do yachts. The granola types don’t either, it’s all bikes and unicycles, you know. As for me, I’m all about public transportation and mooching rides off my [non-yacht-owning] friends.

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