It’s lonely out here. I feel like I’ve moved to the tundra. I can feel the wind whistling by … According to the stats, not one person has read one post since I moved my blog to WordPress. Hm. I moved over here because SUPPOSEDLY I would increase my readership. I thought (obviously I was mistaken) that my readers were coming here from twitter by clicking on a link there and would simply click on whatever link was in the tweet. Not so. All righty then. I will post on dehelensbits and see if anyone is still looking for me over there. Meanwhile, if anyone does wander by, looking for a sandwich or something, say howdy, will ya? Leave me a note. Take whatever you can find in the cupboard. I’ll be back soon.


11 thoughts on “OUT STANDING IN MY FIELD

  1. HI Sandra,
    Another Triberr mate here. I see you. One thing I’ve noticed about Triberr and “approve” is that the text it automatically provides isn’t very informative. I had a fellow-writer friend (not on Triberr) complain about my “vague” tweets that read like “spam-ads” (quotes are my friend’s thoughts not mine). This week, I’m experimenting with tweeting manually (instead of auto-approve) and futzing with the text for clarity.

    • Does that mean when you “approve” them they automatically get tweeted? that doesn’t happen when I approve. I have to tweet them myself. As for twitter, I click on things I’m interested no matter how spammy they look, and don’t click if I’m not interested. Same for FB. I’m still learning on Triberr though. So anything you tell me, I’m listening!!

      • Yes, when I click “approve”, I don’t get to edit the text. Clicking “approve” creates a queue which then updates my Twitter feed at regular intervals with all of the ones I “approved”. The text used by auto-approve seems to be the headline from the blog, which my one writer friend considered too vague and spam-like. So far, I don’t mind doing it manually and making the tweets more detailed. I’m hoping that actually makes for more click-through. That said, I’m like you: I click on what catches my interest, regardless of how “spammy” the text might sound (or how vague it might be).

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