A New Road, A New Normal

This is a new blog from a fine writer and dear friend of mine: Vicki Cheatwood. Her work speaks for itself.

Life UnMarked

My husband, the father of my teenage sons, died 18 days ago.

I am blogging about “the new normal” to save my sanity. I hope to be of service in the process.

Mark was a throat cancer patient. His official diagnosis came on his 46th birthday, and he died less than two months after his 48th birthday, from complications from radiation therapy.

This blog is a continuation – an attempt at a continuation – of the journey that I recorded in Mark’s CaringBridge site, found here:  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/markdaves.

Fresh grief. Reality is still unreality.

I understand that I have not had a conversation (well, not a two-way conversation) with my husband since March 21, 2012, the night before he died. I understand that 18 days have gone past me like a shot. I also understand that it seems like ages have passed since I got the early-morning phone call…

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