Welcome to Red Crested chatter!

Because my hair is red, my bff started calling me the red crested poet. But because I write more than poetry, and because not all of my writing sounds like birdsong, I decided to call this blog chatter. I write plays, short stories, memoir, and mystery novels. I sometimes rant about politics, but not often. I mostly write about writing, and I’ll try to remember to take the politics offsite. If I forget, feel free to lob a tomato at me in the form of a reminder. Then I’ll remove the post. I’m not here to offend, but to dialogue about writing.

My current works in progress are:

1) a full length play called The Stars Are Our Ancestors in which an astronomer overcomes agoraphobia and travels to Korea with her adoptive mother, bi-racial daughter, and lesbian lover to find her biological parents. Her daughter disappears, her mother dies, she suffers relapse. Only her true ancestors – the stars – can save her now.

2) a mystery novel — second in a series — entitled The Illustrious Client. Shirley Combs and her narrator Dr. Mary Watson, a naturopath, are working for Col James Damery to try to save a young woman from the clutches of a sociopath.

I’m writing a poem-a-day for National Poetry Month. I’ve committed to writing 500 words a day for the year, and so far have managed at least that many. Please follow me on Twitter, Facebook, here, or Pinterest if you’ve a mind to. Let me know and I’ll happily follow you back. Let me know if you want an invite to Triberr.com or Pinterest.

My process is write first, do everything else later. You?