April, Poetry Month

April is almost over. I have been working on the mystery novel, mostly notes on characters, notes on places, vehicles, mundane bits of information. My creative work has gone to poetry, because this month belongs to the many muses of poetry. I’ve been trotting over to nicenet.org every day for my prompt, then doing my […]


One of the most fun things about writing a new mystery is creating the notebook. The notebook has the timeline, the backstory of every character, the maps for the murder site, the houses/apts/flats/offices of every place described in the novel as well as the blueprints. For grins, I also create a scrapbook of pictures of […]

Welcome to Red Crested chatter!

Because my hair is red, my bff started calling me the red crested poet. But because I write more than poetry, and because not all of my writing sounds like birdsong, I decided to call this blog chatter. I write plays, short stories, memoir, and mystery novels. I sometimes rant about politics, but not often. […]